TV and the Internet

Web Series We Love: Isabella Rossellini’s “The Mammas”
Isabella Rossellini’s latest installment of her nature web series Green Porno is the opposite of puritanical. (more)

What an Adorable Dynasty! “My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic”
Since last week at Build-A-Bear Workshops, you can build your own My Little Pony character. (more)

It’s Like Goodreads for Kids: Meet the Creators of
Interview by Jack Silbert
If your 8-to-12-year-old kids love to read, you may want to introduce them to! (more)

TV Shows We Love: “Imagination Movers” on Disney Junior
After suffering through the relatively minor inconvenience of living without electricity for a week after Hurricane Sandy, I was interested to learn that one of the best live-action preschool shows, Imagination Movers, was almost permanently derailed by Hurricane Katrina. (more)

Web Series We Love: “The Digits”
If I could design the perfect show for ages seven to eleven, I’d want it to seamlessly blend its educational layer with entertainment that’s as witty and downright smart as the concepts its hoping to convey. (more)

TV Shows We Love: Disney’s “Sofia the First”
After months of anticipation, Sofia the First premiered on the Disney Channel last night. (more)

TV Shows We Love: “Crash and Bernstein”
When I was a kid, my absolute favorite thing in the world was the Muppets. (more)

Meet Becky Friedman, Story Editor of “Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood”
Interview by Jack Silbert
On Labor Day weekend, my sister sent me an email alerting me to the debut of Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, belated spinoff of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood. (more)

London Calling: Gold Medal-Worthy British Media
I can hardly believe the Olympics are almost over. (more)

Spend More Time With Rubbish Books!
You heard me right. You owe it to yourself to take a good long look at (more precisely) RubbishBooks. (more)

TV Series We Love: “Timmy Time” by Aardman Animations
Timmy’s a little lamb with (according to his creators) a lot to learn. (more)

TV Series We Love: “The Octonauts” on Disney Junior
At the beginning of every Octonauts episode, three main characters—Kwazii Kitten, Peso Penguin, and Captain Barnacles Polar Bear—shout the Octonaut motto, “Explore, Rescue, Protect!” (more)

I Want to Move to “Magic Town”
Websites We Love
A new children’s website from Mindshapes Ltd. delivers a virtual world based on picture books and stories. (more)

This Show Takes the Biscuit: “The Biscuit Brothers”
TV Shows We Love: The Biscuit Brothers by Jan Hames
Not too far from Austin, Texas–the Live Music Capital of the World–lies a magical, musical farm where Old MacDonald created the Educational Institute for Every Instrument in the Orchestra, also known as E.I.E.I.O. (more)

Honey! Help! I’m Stuck!
Our Mother’s Day Tribute to TV Moms Who Are Married to Peter Pans
It’s a familiar plot device: the competent, together mom married to the charming doofus of a “man child.” (more)

I Really Dig “Small Potatoes” by Josh Selig
Television We Love
Small Potatoes is the new short-form series from Josh Selig and Little Airplane Productions. (more)

TV Shows We Love: “Gaspard and Lisa” on Disney Junior
Gaspard and Lisa is an interesting, even intriguing variation on preschool entertainment. (more)

The Replacements: Spring TV Shows for Your Teen (and You)
ABC’s Scandal and Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23
Two new spring replacement shows are sure to catch your older teen’s eye. (more)

The Doctor Is Real In
TV Shows We Love: Doc McStuffins
There’s a new gal in town you should meet. (more)

TV Shows We Love: “The Aquabats! Super Show!” and “Mike the Knight”
I’m in tween heaven: The Aquabats have their own show. (more)

Museums That Visit YOU
Virtual Museums That Bring Home the Fun
Not to complain, but it was 17° here last week. (more)

It’s Elmo’s World—And That’s Fine By Me by Maggie Hames
Documentary Review: Being Elmo: A Puppeteer’s Journey directed by Constance Marks
How does a puppet (and for that matter, a puppeteer) get to be a superstar? (more)

You (Kinda) Rock!
Television Shows We Love: The Fresh Beat Band on Nick Jr.
The Fresh Beat Band follows the fortunes of four “teenagers” who are students at music school and members of a pop band known as the (you guessed it) The Fresh Beat Band. (more)

Web Series We Love: “Recess Stories” by Maggie Hames
Series Review
You, your tweens, and “pre-tweens” will love the fictional web series, Recess Stories. (more)

Men Are the New Women by Maggie Hames
The Fall Television Season for Teens and Parents
New Girl starring the adorable and very funny Zooey Deschanel as grammar school teacher Jess gives us a wonderful twist on the “gal whose pals have got her back” show. (more)

Anyone Else Feel “Awkward”? by Maggie Hames
Review, New Television Series on MTV, Tuesdays at 11 pm
Everything about MTV’s new series, Awkward places it recognizably in the world of the high schooler. (more)

Rain, Rain Go Away … Or Not by Maggie Hames
Boredom-Busting Links for a Rainy Day.
It’s the weekend and it’s raining; or it’s snowing; or it’s hailing—you get the picture. You’re stuck inside, but more to the point, the kids are stuck inside. (more)

Will the Real Bert and Ernie Raise Their Hands! by Maggie Hames
New Animated Shorts on Sesame Street Mean More Face Time For Popular Characters
We’re all familiar with the adaptation of comic book characters into live-action films. The Batman franchise alone has given us numerous actors who “became” Batman. (more)

Couch Po-tah-to: Spot-On Children’s Media from Great Britain by Maggie Hames
New Television and Internet-based Shows Your Pre-schoolers and Youngsters Will Love
She’s cheeky, she’s Britain’s Peppa Pig, the gentle British series about a group of animal friends. Peppa Pig’s the “soccer” of children’s television: wildly popular all over the planet but just catching on here. (more)