The Pixar Project

A new project where we plan to work our way through the Disney/Pixar catalogue of animated features.

The Old College Try: Disney-Pixar's “Monsters University”
Disney-Pixar’s Fourteenth Animated Feature – 2013
Movie Review by Jack Silbert. Let me get a little continuity issue out of the way. (more)

A New Definition of “Brave”
Disney-Pixar's Thirteenth Animated Feature - 2012
If you’re alive in the United States right now, you’re aware that Disney/Pixar has released a new film called Brave and it’s already a hit. (more)

Disney-Pixar’s “Finding Nemo in 3-D”: Go, Fish!
Disney-Pixar’s Fifth Animated Feature – 2003 (Original Release) 2012 (3-D Release)
About a year ago, Disney announced it would re-release a collection of its most popular animated films in 3-D. (more)

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