Review Policy

You’d like to submit something for review? That’s great. I’m happy to take a look.

Contact me at with press releases, information, or questions.

Keep in mind that our mission is to review media, products, and productions that were created for kids and young people and are relevant to the world of kids’ learning through technology, media, theater, and exhibitions.

Except for major motion pictures, we generally publish positive reviews and recommendations, so if your media or product is not something we’re excited about recommending to our readers, you most likely won’t see it here.

If your product has a specific launch date or date by which you’d prefer a review to be posted, let me know up front.

My and the opinions of our contributors are our own, and if a review is paid for by the companies whose work is showcased here, it will be disclosed at the top of the review. Where we have a natural bias, like when a product was the creation of friends, we disclose that information as well.