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This image was created by Micah Player, author and illustrator of Lately Lily and Chloe, Instead. (more)

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One of the best children’s app developers in the business—Night & Day Studios—has given us four great apps for our readers. (more)

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Why Can’t We Be “Friends”?
Do you love your Friends? (more)

Stand Tall!
New York Times Bestselling illustrator Tom Lichtenheld (Duck Rabbit!, Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site) was inspired by last night’s election and the response to Hurricane Sandy to create this charming and inspirational image. (more)

Hurricane Sandy Has Her Way
We're without power here at Media Darlings in South Orange, New Jersey. (more)

How to Help Kids Find their “Spot”
Guest Post by Irene Latham
There’s a lot of talk these days about “passion.” (more)

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Book Her, Gail! Dealing With My Own Reluctant “Reader”
This is one of those good news/bad news stories. (more)

Let the Games Begin: We're Part of the Ultimate Summer Giveaway
Welcome to the Ultimate Summer Giveaway! (more)

Talking to Your Child About the Aurora Tragedy
The unthinkable happened in Aurora, Colorado, in the early morning hours of July 20. (more)

Impromptu Tribute to Sally Ride from Children’s Book Illustrator Micah Player
Our friends at Chronicle Books shared this sweet, simple illustration by Micah Player, author and illustrator of Chloe, Instead created in honor of the passing of astronaut Sally Ride. (more)

Media Darlings Is One Year Old!
Here’s a short recap of our first very wonderful year: (more)

The Complex Issue of Homework – Part 2
In The Complex Issue of Homework Part 1, I wrote about strategies you can try at home to help make homework go more smoothly. Often, one or more of these strategies will do the trick. (more)

The Complex Issue of Homework – Part 1 by Gail Terp
I have very mixed feelings about homework. (more)

Vocabulary Building Ideas for Reluctant Readers by Gail Terp
Readers, new and experienced, often run into difficulties when they aren’t familiar with the vocabulary used in their reading. (more)

Finding the Right Book: Matchmaking for Your Child by Gail Terp
The first step to becoming an enthusiastic reader is finding books that excite you. (more)

My September 11th by Maggie Hames
My Memories of that Fateful Day
I lived in Hoboken at the time. When I saw on tv that a plane had hit the World Trade Center, I raced up my street to the river. (more)

I Call It “Still Life With Cheerios” by Maggie Hames
The First Camera
It was my daughter’s third birthday and like any parent, I thought it would be great to get her an extra special present that would inspire her; one that would stimulate her creativity as she learned by doing. (more)

The First One’s Free. That’s How They Hook You by Maggie Hames
My Daughter’s First Trip to the Movies
My local cinema has a summer program: every Wednesday and Thursday, you can bring your kids to the movies—for free. (more)

I Want Your Job! Media Producer, American Museum of Natural History by Maggie Hames and Mindy Wesiberger
Mindy Weisberger recently gave us the inside scoop on the Museum of Natural History’s new show—Think BIGGEST: The World’s Largest Dinosaurs—that you can still read right here. It left us wanting to know more! (more)

I Was Adopted? by Maggie Hames
Children’s Books that Open Up the Discussion
Whether your child has always known she was adopted or you’re planning the proper moment for your talk, you may find it helpful to supplement your discussion with one of several children’s books created specifically for this reason. (more)

Will the Real Bert and Ernie Raise Their Hands! by Maggie Hames
Puppets With Their Own Spin-Offs
We’re all familiar with the adaptation of comic book characters into live-action films. (more)

Yay! The Commercials Are On! by Jan Hames
Teaching Children to Recognize and Resist Advertising Manipulation
“Mom/Dad, I want (fill in the blank) that I saw on (media du jour)!!!!”
Marketing to kids is nothing new. Anyone who’s grown up in the era of television can sing the jingles for every sugar-coated cereal ever promoted. Anyone remember “oot-fray oops-lay”? (more)