Music and Interactive Media

Music We Love: “Elska – Middle of Nowhere”
The Icelandic word elska means “to love” which is no small coincidence. (more)

Music We Love: “It’s Love” by Ellen & Matt
If you’re lucky, you already know about Ellen & Matt from their first disc, Best Friends. For everyone else, this is your lucky day. (more)

Spend More Time With Rubbish Books!
You heard me right. You owe it to yourself to take a good long look at (more precisely) RubbishBooks. (more)

Music We Love: “Strange Dees, Indeed” by the Deedle Deedle Dees
Music Review by Jack Silbert
I hadn’t even popped the CD into the player, and the group’s name had already brought to mind Fiddler on the Roof, Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night,” and of course Rick Dees, who gave us that masterwork “Disco Duck.” (more)

You (Kinda) Rock!
Television Shows We Love: The Fresh Beat Band on Nick Jr.
The Fresh Beat Band follows the fortunes of four “teenagers” who are students at music school and members of a pop band known as the (you guessed it) The Fresh Beat Band. (more)

Music We Love: “Tumble Bee” by Laura Veirs
Music Review by Jack Silbert
When I first heard Laura Veirs back in 2004, her haunting voice uttering the words “The fate of Kurt Cobain, junk coursing through his veins ….,” my immediate thought wasn’t, “Ooh, I can’t wait for the children’s album!” (more)

A Child’s Guide to SMiLE
Music Review by Jack Silbert
On the day of its long-awaited release, I posted a photo of the Beach Boys’ SMiLE Sessions online. (more)

Save the Date: It’s a Stone Soul Birthday Party! by Darnell Greene and Maggie Hames
Need a great idea for your next birthday party, one that works for pre-schoolers to tweens? (more)

Rock The Playdate! by Maggie Hames
Kid’s Music With Parent Appeal
Grammy-winners Dan Zanes and Friends (You may know Zanes as the front man from The Del Fuegos) has just released a collection of songs, Little Nut Tree, that he calls “age desegregated.” (more)

I Call It “Still Life With Cheerios” by Maggie Hames
The First Camera
It was my daughter’s third birthday and like any parent, I thought it would be great to get her an extra special present that would inspire her; one that would stimulate her creativity as she learned by doing. (more)

I Want Your Job! Media Producer, American Museum of Natural History by Maggie Hames and Mindy Weisberger
Mindy Weisberger recently gave us the inside scoop on the Museum of Natural History’s new show—Think BIGGEST: The World’s Largest Dinosaurs—that you can still read right here. It left us wanting to know more! (more)

Think BIGGEST: World’s Largest Dinosaurs Exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History by Mindy Weisberger
The American Museum of Natural History just opened their exciting new show, The World’s Largest Dinosaurs, which will be on display through January 2, 2012. Guest blogger and AMNH employee Mindy Weisberger shares the inside story of this exhibit and these fascinating dinosaurs. (more)