Classic Media

For Your Consideration: The “Best Pictures” for Families
I’m sure you’ve noticed it’s Academy Awards season. Offered for your consideration: the greatest family films to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. (more)

Not In Front of the Kids!
With the success of Martin Scorsese’s Hugo—winning a Golden Globe for Best Director and now several Oscar nominations—Scorsese conquered a genre nobody suspected was on his “to do” list: the family picture. (more)

Remembering Dr. Martin Luther King
We honor Dr. Martin Luther King as we honor our exceptional Presidents—with a federal holiday. (more)

I Give It Five Hurrahs and Twelve Hip-Hips! Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast in 3-D”
Disney’s Thirtieth Animated Feature – 1991 (Original Release) 2012 (3-D Release)
As a woman, a feminist, and as the mother of a little girl, I must say I’ve always loved Beauty and the Beast. (more)

Save the Date: It’s a Stone Soul Birthday Party! by Darnell Greene and Maggie Hames
Need a great idea for your next birthday party, one that works for pre-schoolers to tweens? (more)

Night and Day It’s “Cinderella”
Disney’s Twelfth Animated Feature – 1950
The 1950s were a magical decade for Disney. (more)

A Disney Halloween Treat: “Ichabod and Mr. Toad” by Maggie Hames
Disney's Eleventh Animated Feature - 1949
We’ve made a point of covering the classic Disney features in the order of their production, but in honor of Halloween, we’re allowing Disney’s 1949 feature, Ichabod and Mr. Toad to jump the line. (more)

There’s No “Me” in “Melody Time” … Oh, Wait …
Disney’s Tenth Animated Feature – 1948
Melody Time is a package film in the style of Make Mine Music: seven different shorts that rely on songs and rhyme to tell their tales. (more)

My Funny Valentine: Disney’s “Fun and Fancy Free”
Disney’s Ninth Animated Feature – 1947
Fun and Fancy Free is another post-war package film, made up of two short narrative films—Bongo and Mickey and the Beanstalk—that were originally planned as separate feature films. (more)

All You Cats Join In and “Make Mine Music” by Maggie Hames
Disney’s Eighth Animated Feature – 1946
Make Mine Music was Disney’s fourth “package” film, a feature-length film made up of a series of shorts. (more)

Three’s A Charmer: Disney’s “The Three Caballeros” by Regina Robbins
Disney’s Seventh Animated Feature – 1944
Having seen The Three Caballeros as a child, a college student, and a fully-grown adult, I can confirm that it has more layers than you may think it does. (more)

Why Can’t We Be Friends? Disney’s “Saludos Amigos” by Maggie Hames
Disney's Sixth Animated Feature - 1942
The year was 1941, before our entry into WWII, and the Department of State commissioned a goodwill tour of South America for Walt Disney and his creative team. (more)

It’s “Bambi” Verses Time. And “Bambi” Wins! by Maggie Hames
Disney's Fifth Animated Feature - 1942
Short and sweet, Walt Disney’s 1942 animated feature Bambi is a magnificent film, well worth your time, energy, and dollar. (more)

The Flap Over Disney’s “Dumbo” by Regina Robbins
Disney's Fourth Animated Feature - 1941
When I was a little girl, my parents put up wallpaper in my room. It was decorated with characters from Disney films. (more)

Disney’s “Fantasia” Encourages Your Imagination to Soar by Maggie Hames
Disney's Third Animated Feature - 1940
Back in June, when we ran Regina Robbins’s essay on Disney’s Dumbo, I included a short sidebar on 1940’s Fantasia. In retrospect, I believe I gave this film short shrift. (more)

Disney’s “Pinocchio”? Proceed With Caution by Maggie Hames
Disney's Second Animated Feature - 1940
I’ve shared my thoughts on Disney’s first animated feature, Snow White and found it still has a lot to say to today’s kids. In this installment, I look at Disney’s second feature, Pinocchio, released in 1940 and based on the 19th century Carlo Collodi tale of a marionette who becomes a real boy. (more)

"Snow White"—Disney’s First Feminist? by Maggie Hames
Disney's First Animated Feature - 1937
Does Disney’s Snow White hold its own among today’s “girl power” films? (more)

I Heart the Tinman—“The Wizard of Oz” on Screen and Stage by Maggie Hames and Casey Brienza
A Look at a Classic Film and Theater Review
The Wizard of Oz has been everyone’s favorite movie since its debut in 1939. We’ve all seen it. It’s one of those rare, ambitious films where the whole is greater than the sum of its admittedly extraordinary parts. (more)

Cinema Moms Who Never Complain, Never Explain by Maggie Hames
A Round-Up of Movie Moms, Step-Moms, and Not-Ready-To-Be Moms
In honor of Mother’s Day, I pay tribute to a baker’s dozen of cinema’s strong, self-sacrificing but never self-pitying moms. (more)

Saved by the Belle: In Praise of Audrey Hepburn by Jan Hames
The Iconic Actress as Role Model
Addie Swartz, founder of B*tween Productions, started the Beacon Street Girls book series as a response to what she calls “oversexualized media.” (more)

Lukie, Honey — I'm Your Father by Maggie Hames
Films Find a Second Life As Children's Favorites
Star Wars and 5 Other Latter-Day Children’s Pictures: In case you hadn’t noticed, the original Star Wars, or rather, Star Wars IV – A New Hope, is a children’s picture. (more)

Remembering Elizabeth Taylor in National Velvet by Maggie Hames
The Great Elizabeth Taylor Was a Star From the Very Beginning
One of the more amazing aspects of Elizabeth Taylor’s story is just how long a career she enjoyed. (more)

The Hobart Shakespeareans by Maggie Hames
Squares One and Two: Work Hard; Be Nice
That’s the motto (and teaching philosophy) of a personal hero of mine: Rafe Esquith, subject of Mel Stuart’s wonderful 2005 documentary, The Hobart Shakespeareans. (more)