Monday, June 4, 2012

Time Flies When You’re Having Fun!

Apps We Love: Monster Time by Myello Digital
It’s about time someone created an app that teaches and supports kids in learning to tell time. Monster Time delivers precisely what I’d hope such an app would: it teaches users how to tell time at it clearly explains the way clocks—both digital and analog—measure and keep time.

Telling time is an activity. The key to understanding how time-keeping works is an understanding of a basic analog clockface. At the core of the Monster Time app is a beautifully designed clockface that makes it clear that each of the twelve numbers represents five minutes of time. Users decide how much info appears on the clock face at a given time. Basically, a user can change the face of the clock as their understanding expands, from an understanding of the twelve hours; then the minutes; then “past the hour” and “to the hour.”

In learn mode, the app offers a tutorial in telling time. In play mode, it engages users in a game of setting clocks in increasing increments of difficulty. This is all framed in a fun world of adorably illustrated monsters. Users select one of five monster avatars. Making your way through a level unlocks a monster photo for your album with downloadable rewards. It’s very cute with just the right amount of slime and ick factor to keep it anchored in a kid’s world.

It’s simple, really. As parents, it’s wonderful to feel that your kids are learning while they’re having fun. With Monster Time, the fun IS the learning. There is no doubt that time spent with this app is time well spent. For $1.99, you get five different monsters to play with. A free version of the app gives you all of the app’s functionality but only one monster avatar. It’s a great way to decide if Monster Time is right for your child.

Review Summary

App Name: Monster Time (or Monster Time – Free)
Category: Education
Age Level: 4+
Updated: April 6, 2012
Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.
Price: $1.99 (or free)
Bottom Line: Time well spent.

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