Tuesday, June 26, 2012

“SQUIDS Wild West” Really Grabbed Me!

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I have to confess right up front, I haven’t really been into the elaborate gaming end of apps, but after playing SQUIDS Wild West by The Game Bakers, I understand why games have bested motion pictures when it comes to grabbing people’s attention and time.

The Mine
As a novice, I had to approach this game from the ground up, learning the basics of the play, the characters, and the world itself. I’d never played the wildly popular SQUIDS, the original game to which SQUIDS Wild West is the sequel. Right up front, I like the sense of humor, placing a wild west theme into an underwater scenario.

The undersea environments are stunningly beautiful with witty western details and requisite cowboy regalia for the Squid characters. This is the western kingdom of Seawood. The Squids will help the feisty Calamary Jane save a besieged frontier town. I love a pun, and this game has plenty. The Squids will explore native Squid lands and a volatile mine as they grow to understand the evil nature of their undersea foes.

The Ranch
Basically, the Squids act as little sling-shots. You pull their legs like you’re pulling back a bow, take aim, and fire—at enemies, as bonus stars, at treasure, etc. Now, of course, it’s not at all that simple, and there are many clever variations for planning and executing your attack; for using an amusing selection of weapons and helmets; and many challenging scenarios to conquer.

I have to admit: like a fish, I was hooked. This game is easy to play but difficult to master. I had to opt for the extra-easy setting to get on my way, but it was great fun, scooping up pearls, swapping out hats, making a dash for the undersea saloon door. There are five chapters and 40+ missions. There are four new heroes added to the original Squid bunch (herd? pod?). And it takes advantage of the undersea setting to allow users to ride into battle on a seahorse (I told you there were a lot of puns here). The “violence” is very silly in a “kapow” sort of way. It’s really nothing to fret about, ma’am.

As a parent, what I love is that ALL of the game’s content can be unlocked with the pearls that players get by playing and replaying, without any need for in-app purchases. The iAP’s included in SQUIDS Wild West are solely intended for those looking for a shortcut or for fans who want to throw some extra support to the developers.

SQUIDS Wild West is launching at the special promotional price of $0.99 at iTunes so act fast before the price jumps to its regular $1.99. Yep. I reckon it’ll grab you, too.

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