Friday, June 15, 2012

Learning Toys We Love: Switch & Go Dinos by VTech

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SwitchAndGo Sliver
Sliver the T-Rex and Horns the Triceratops
The moment you turn on one of VTech’s Switch & Go Dinos, the toy demands respect—literally. These are talking toys and Sliver the T-Rex shouted, “Obey your king,” and “Fear me!” as Horns the Triceratops told us to “Stay strong!” There’s a bit of good-natured, even hilarious junior “trash talk” with the Switch and Go Dinos that adds to the fun.

The pull here is that these dinos are transformers for the younger set. They cleverly switch into cool-looking racecars with their own banter like “Eat my dust!” Brice (age 4) and William (age 6) went wild for them, first transforming them from dino to car (and back again). Brice was very proud to announce that he did it all by himself. William was very into the sound effects button—the dinos snarl and the cars go vroom—and experimenting with the different faces and drivers. The Switch & Go Dinos have interactive LCD screens that display eyes in dino mode and drivers in car mode; users can scroll through a number of options for both.

It’s the Info button that won me over. In dino mode, it delivers thirty different dinosaur facts; quick little snippets, enough to be educational without breaking the rhythm of play. I don’t realistically expect toys to necessarily educate my child, so when a toy seamlessly adds extra value with an educational component, I’m excited. The thing I love about Switch & Go Dinos is that the educational component is part of the play. It really is learning while having fun.

William liked the Switch & Go better as a dino. In a world of toy cars, the dino version seemed more special to him. When I asked Brice which mode he liked better, he said “Both.” And you know what? He’s right. The boys played hard with these toys as dinos and as cars, racing them, even crashing them into walls and they seemed plenty tough.

At $15.99, Switch & Go Dinos hit that “under $20” sweet spot for birthday gifts. If your kids are on the birthday party “circuit,” you know what I’m talking about. The voice of the racecar drivers and dinos are masculine and the banter leans toward the world of little boys. But honestly, my little girl took these dinos for a spin and just loved them, especially in dino mode. Buy today on Amazon until June 18th, when they’ll also be on sale at

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