Friday, May 11, 2012

Honey! Help! I’m Stuck!

Our Mother’s Day Tribute to TV Moms Who Are Married to Peter Pans
It’s a familiar plot device: the competent, together mom married to the charming doofus of a “man child.” It’s particularly familiar if you’re under the age of forty. These television moms are more often seen in our post-feminist television culture. Decades ago, you’d often see the opposite pairing: the ditzy mom who’s continually gotten out of scrapes by her wiser, more centered husband. In both cases, the clash of “conservative” verses “wild and free” creates the laughs.

In these households, dad is really mom’s eldest son. Think of him as Peter Pan and mom as levelheaded Wendy. In honor of Mother’s Day, we honor TV moms who are the wiser head in the household; the mothers who get to shake their heads in exasperation as their husbands pull another stunt:

Click on the Mother’s Day card to view the slideshow:


  1. Thanks for following along & your visit. Fun slide show. One of my favorite shows was Everybody Loves Raymond. It always made me laugh.
    Have a great Mother's Day Weekend. Visiting from DearCreatives.

    1. You're welcome. Thanks for the visit. Be a regular!