Sunday, April 1, 2012

Here Kitty, Kitty!

Books We Love: Chloe and the Lion by Mac Barnett and Adam Rex
Remember those great old Warner Brothers cartoons where Daffy Duck would get into an argument with the artist drawing him? There’s a similar dynamic at play in Chloe and the Lion. Writer Mac Barnett mixes it up with illustrator Adam Rex, and lead character Chloe negotiates between them.

Chloe regularly collects loose change to ride a merry-go-round. The story will place her in a situation like, “She gets lost in the woods on her way home, and a large dragon leaps out—” only to be interrupted by author Barnett, “Wait! It’s supposed to be a lion!” Seems Rex prefers to draw dragons.

Barnett and Rex are the creative team behind several wonderful titles including the popular Brixton Brothers series. This picture book is for a younger audience but it’s got that rare snap and attitude that doesn’t talk down to preschoolers without resorting to snark and pop references. Hey—any kid who collects loose change for the merry-go-round is okay in my books. It's available for pre-order. I'd make like a lion and pounce.

Author Mac Barnett explains it all for you:

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