Wednesday, August 10, 2011

“Cats and Rabbits” by Martin King

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We used to own the leanest, meanest street cat on our estate. It was called Tinker. I was only about six when this tale took place. Sitting comfortably ... then I shall begin.

Near our home was a place called Rainhall Rocks. It used to be a quarry that was connected to the canal during the industrial revolution but was now home to a vast array of creatures. Because we didn’t have a cat flap, my mother would after to leave a small window open for Tinker to get in and out.

As a treat for us, quite often Tinker would bring us back a little present and leave it inside the house by the back door. So in the morning we were greeted with dead mice, rats, rabbits and other animals our cat managed to catch. But that is not the end of Tinker’s unusual custom. You see it would gnaw of their legs and ears and tales and lay them out in a neat little row, just like he was leaving us a well presented gourmet meal.

There was this particular morning when our tough cat showed his love for us and brought home for us a pair of rabbit ears and laid them out on the kitchen floor in his customary manner. We happened to own a rabbit at this particular time (although its name escapes me). Well when we looked out of the window, the rabbit hutch door was wide open.

My mother went out leaving me and my sister indoors. Moments later we heard a blood curdling cry from her and we dashed to the window. There running around merrily in the back garden was our rabbit, but with no ears.

Well that is what it looked like at first. You see our rabbit used to flop its ears down so at first glance it would look like it didn’t have any. Well my mum screamed and screamed because she thought our cat had chopped its ears off. The ears in the kitchen must have been off some wild rabbit it caught in the night.

Have you got any weird pet stories?

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  1. Oh my! I was scared for a minute reading this story that your cat really DID tears off your rabbit's ears. Phew!

    I hope you are enjoying #100blogfest, Maggie. I'm now following your blog. If you want to read my #100blogfest post and follow my blog, you can at :)

  2. We're very much enjoying #100blogfest. We'll be sure to follow you as well!